Our Core

Innovation – to create an organizational atmosphere that supports its long term vision while realizing the best attributes of its team members as individuals and as a team at all levels of the company and fields of performance. To be open mind to new ideas and to create an environment that accepts those that think differently.


Obligation to the Customer – Obligation to the customer will be a main ingredient which will be expressed during its drive to achieve the best in quality and service. To create long term relationships with its customers based upon trust, integrity, mutual respect and understanding of their needs.

Obligation to its team members – Aim to foster a valued work environment, which will provide each of its team members a feeling of belonging and enable them to develop his/her talents and feel a sense of satisfaction and pride by being part of Merident.


Determination – The global economic competition will be the incentive for personal and mutual achievement. Promote diligence and determination, while striving to achieve the companies’ goals. Doing this while maintaining professional ethics, intellectual management of resources and achieving a variety of goals.

Quality Policy

To assure quality that will contribute to the high and competitive value of the company’s products.
An effective Quality Management System that uses defined and systematic processes, for prevention, measurement and continuous control.
Continuous improvement of processes while promoting team members team work.
Mutual obligation and partnerships with vendors and sub-contractors.
A set of values that supports and promotes individuals for professionalism and innovation.

We work with all major insurance companies